iphone 7 Plus 5.5 inch LED Illuminated Rechargeable Case, AICOO YCL LED Bright Selfie [Adjustable brightness] Fill Light [SOS/Flash Mode] Cell Phone Case Cover – Gold

1. Made of ABS Plastic:Impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance,Comfortable and durable. Built in lithium battery.
2. Multi-functional: Phone Case + Fill-in Light for Front Camera + LED Flashlight
3. 5 Lighting Settings- Dimmer/ Light/ Dim light/ Quick flicker/ Slow flicker.The LED Lights allow to take Selfies . suit for Facetime, Movies, Lights up a Room
4. Click it to turn on/off LED Light, Adjust the light intensity with long press. Double click on the button to enter the burst mode, again double click enter the SOS Flash Mode. Again double click on the LED lamp length (Or Clik Close)
5. Independent rechargeable battery inside the Case, Will not consume your phone’s own electricity.

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